Gotta Have Style

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Do you know who Iris Apfel is? Follow that link to see what this bitch is all about. I say bitch with the utmost respect and love. She’s 94 years old, and has such style! I don’t mean ‘follow every damn trend for every season’ style. I mean she has STYLE. She lives by fashion ‘rules’ or commandments if you will that make her who she is, and she is simply beautiful. here are a few of her style rules worth listening to.



  1. If you love it buy it. If it speaks to you, if it jumps off a shelf and begs to be in your basket, buy it. You know deep down when something is simply perfect for you. Listen to your heart not fashion magazines and your best friend telling you its weird.
  2. Save the meaningful pieces forever. Have a beautiful leather skirt? The perfect White blouse? Save it, cherish it, and take care of it. Those types of things never go out of style. Pair that skirt with a white tee for a modern look. That blue cashmere sweater you ave had since forever, pair it with ripped jeans and pumps to freshen it up. That perfectly tailored white button down? Change up your accessories and you will look like a million bucks. See what I mean?perfect-fashion-designs-with-fashion-style-blogger-with-le-fashion-blog-street-style-camel-cape-tan-poncho-white-button-up
  3. Express yourself. If you love it, you will be confident when you wear it. And confidence is a woman’s best accessory. You adore those aqua flats? Wear them and wear ’em proud. If you are confident you will ooze style from within.
  4. Be true to you. If you hate heels, don’t buy them. Nothing worse than a woman wearing too high of a heel and walking around like a wounded baby calf. I’m totally guilty of this. I had to have ’em, 4.5″ heels. What a disaster. 3″ is my limit and thats ok!
  5. Rely on your signature style. I have a friend who wouldn’t be caught dead without her lipstick on. Her bright pink lipstick. It’s her thing, she rocks it, and she’s as confident as anyone I know. I have my bracelets. I always have a stack of bracelets. I’ve been doing tis since I was like, 20. It’s my thing and it makes me happy.

Point Iris, (and I) are making is to be yourself. Be true to you, and that’s what gives you style. Confidence comes from deep within and when you got it, everyone can see it. Look at the glasses Iris wears. With red lipstick. She’s 94, and her style, she not only owns it, she rocks it! Thanks Iris for your 94 years of wisdom.



Becky Who

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Unless you were under a rock last week, or, you have zero interest in the world of pop culture, you have heard of the side chick, ‘Becky with the good hair’. Now in case you were partaking in a social media ban let’s review. Beyonce’ dropped a new album, Lemonade, and there are about a million not so subtle references to her husband Jay Z cheating on her and her ultimately forgiving him. Lots of peeps are talking about how it’s a female empowerment message. Others feel it’s a sad commentary on how a woman is so insecure all she can do is live with betrayal and stay with a cheating husband. Some are devoting 50hours a week into figuring out just who Becky is.giphy

This is not a new story in our culture. However, what really got me thinking, was the vicious vitriol spit at fashion designer Rachel Roy.  There has been wide speculation that she is Becky. I mean maybe she is, she does have good hair. It’s also been said that she was the reason Beyonce’s sister Solange attacked Jay Z in an elevator while Queen Bey stood there and watched about a year ago. Click here if you want to see lil sister go OFF. Commence attack on Rachel Roy by the BeyHive. There has never been so many uses of the bee emoji on social media, ever. People went nuts calling this woman every name in the book. Slamming her as a home wrecker, a slut, a this and a that. She eventually came out with a statement denying she was “Becky”. And asking people to stop threatening her life, and the life of her children.

So here’s my thing. Let’s, for arguments sake, say Rachel did have a fling with the married Jay Z. Why is all the anger directed at her? Why is there no social media storm about how Jay is an asshat? He’s the one whom is married in this equation. He is the one whom took the vows. He is the one who betrayed their commitment. He is the one who snuck around behind Bey’s back. I struggle with this, and I know this may not be my most popular blog or opinion. That’s ok, we should discuss this stuff. As women we have always blamed the “other woman”. Maybe even subconsciously decided to forgive the married man. Haven’t we on some level been infused with the idea….Man cheats, Man sweeps wife off her feet and begs for forgiveness. Man and woman ride off into the sunset never to speak of that douchebag whore ever again? In my opinion, and its just my opinion, it’s between the couple to decide what works for them. Maybe they can work through it. Maybe she turns a blind eye and is ok with  his cheating so as to keep the rest of her life intact. We don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. No one really knows expect the two whom live in the marriage. I believe marriage is between two people, and if one decided to stray, the other woman, while not guiltless, is not the responsible party within the marriage. She is responsible for her own choices.RR-Color-Head-Shot

Is Becky, whomever she is, a bit shady? Absolutely!  Does she really owe respect to the marriage she’s not a part of? I don’t have the answer. Becky with the good hair could be anyone. A man may lie about the status of his marriage and the woman falls for him believing the lies. It’s complicated, and opinions vary widely, I totally get that some of you are reading this thinking I have no respect for the institute of marriage. I absolutely do. However, I don’t think the blame sits squarely on Becky’s shoulders and we as a culture seem to forget that.

Honestly none of us knows anything for sure except that J and Bey made $400,000,000 in a single weekend. Got everyone listening to her new music and kicked off her world tour. We also scared this shit out of Rachel Roy, blew up social media with some serious evil, all while he counts his money and still has his wife by his side. Interesting…..


Think about it and comment on it!


The Reality Of Style

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Once you reach your 40’s, there are style lessons we all know to be true. When we were in our 20’s, ahhhh how naive’ we were! Tanning- no problem. I won’t get age spots! Soft silky hair – my hair will never turn gray. Wrinkle cream? That’s for old people! Basically we were stupid, in denial, or both. Let’s review what we now know to be 10 of the top style commandments shall we.

  1. Diamonds are not a girls best friend. Spanx are. We now know that spanx can smooth out the lumps and bumps created by the weekend’s pasta and cocktails.18k1yjnkjfzfljpg
  2. We need a good bra.  One that lifts the girls to where they are supposed to be, and makes you look 10 pounds thinner in the process. Instead of looking like a 50year old hooker trying to stuff the ta ta’s into a sweater.
  3. There IS such a thing as too much eyeliner/lipstick/eyeshadow. Yes, you looked like Elvira. It was hot…not really….tone it down if you haven’t alreadytoo-much-makeup
  4. Warmth trumps style. Yes, we get sensible and don’t try to wear the new cute sleevless outfit when its 20 below. Puffy coat = No shame
  5. Your size is what fits. Not the number on the tag. If it fits, it flatters. You finally stop squeezing into a size 6 because you have always been a size 6.
  6. You are smart enough to know that Groupons are not for waxing, lasers, or botox. Enough said.5872b431fb1eaf9adb25783f6e436f7a
  7. You stop investing in too many trendy pieces and spend your money on beautiful neutral pumps or an amazing bag that transcends time.
  8. You have figured out that high heels hurt, and unless you are going curb to table, the stilettos are not happening.
  9. You have stopped looking for the ‘perfect’ anything. You know what fits, what flatters and you are smart enough to buy it in multiple colors.Finding-a-Great-Fit-Everytime
  10. Last, but certainly not least. You don’t give a shit what anyone else thinks.]

Let’s hear it for real style on real women!



Wax On, Wax Off

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It’s that time…Time to start thinking about swimsuits and hair removal. Are you a shaver? Do you depilatory cream yourself? Maybe you have lasered it all off. Or, maybe you are a waxer. I happen to be a shaver. Why you ask? This is based on a bikini wax experience I had. I had been waxing for a while and would say I was fine with a neat and trim landing strip. But then, then I decided I was gone go bare. Brazilian waxing bare. I was at the beginning of my mid life crisis, (which still continues, Tattoo and purple hair post coming soon) and did I mention I was on vacation with one of my dearest friends,… in Mexico?

So after an initial shot of tequila I booked the appointment. How brave I felt! I AM WOMAN, HEAR ME ROAR! My friend, we will call her ‘Jane’, simply laughed and shrugged as my antics are not new. I tend to bust out with ideas sometimes and well, madness ensues. Ask Jane about the hotel in LA where I attempted to drug her, ‘for her own good’….

Anyway the time has arrived for my Spa appointment. Now let me be clear, yes I was in Mexico, but not Tijuana, Mexico. Not scary, strip mall waxing salon Mexico. I was at a 5 star resort with a beautiful spa. I take several tequila shots on my way and Jane  says  she will meet me for her manicure appointment in a bit. Spa day for me….ahhhhhh. I walk in, and am escorted through a lovely, yummy scented, spa walkway, into a room and it is locked behind me. Odd, but OK…It was a big room. Not a small, semi dark, intimate spa room. A big three spa-bed room. For threesome massages maybe? And its bright. Very bright. Like bright as bright can be. No ambiance in here at all. I am asked to disrobe from the waist down. No paper panties for this gal getting her brazillian! Naked as a jaybird for Lucia to see. I hop on the table and she gives me a privacy blanket. I’m thinking, why do I need privacy? I’m not having a c-section? At this point I’m told to spread ’em… in Spanish. She then takes a light, an overhead light, and shines it right on my hooha. She stars to mumble, again in Spanish, and she has this furrowed brow. I’m starting to think this is a bad idea, but the Jose Cuervo is still making me calm as it courses through my veins. She starts to trim, shave, and snip. At least I think as much, as I have said privacy screen. Then comes the wax. Now as stated, I’m not new to waxing so I was prepared. or so I thought.images

She puts the first glob of wax on and it seems a bit hot. I’m not too worried, probably should have been, but again Jose Cuervo is clouding my judgement. And then she rips. And I am blind. Blinded by pain. I am no longer aware of the bright lights in this ridiculous spa room, or the fact that a woman whom speak no english is pretty much diving into my lady parts. She continues to do her job, and deep in my nether regions I am sure I am bleeding or losing a labia. I’m frozen, and in shock. I have no impulse to move for some reason. She keeps ripping and keeps that furrowed brow of hers, as she shifts me into various positions. All of a sudden she starts getting upset, yelling in Spanish, and she runs to the door, unlocks it, and starts yelling “Renee!” “Renee!”. She asks him for something in Spanish with a sense of urgency that convinces me I must now have a gaping wound down there. After several minutes, and another shout or two, Renee comes into the room with cold wet towels…and ice. Did I mention I’m in the brightest, biggest room ever with my business splayed out all over a table? Renee takes a peek and mumbles something in Spanish to Lucia’ as he pats me on the arm assuring me I will be ok. I am not reassured.

Now please understand that all the while I am being tortured in a Mexican spa room that resembles an operating room, Jane is right outside having a simply lovely manicure experience. A llittle Essie ‘Marshmallow’ on her nails and a chat with the manicurist. She has heard the ripping. She has heard the yelling for Renee, and is well aware that I have been in this locked room for almost an hour.

Finally Lucia starts to say to me something about being ‘done’. I can get up now and feel free to use the spa amenities. She walks me to the door and closes it behind me. I’m face to face with Jane who starts laughing at me until tears are running down her face. We finish up her pretty little fingers and off we go to the pool, passing Renee along the way, whom wishes me a nice afternoon.  I relay my story to Jane and I swear I’ve never seen her laugh so hard in 10 years of friendship.

Lets be clear, every single time I peed following this experience, I was re-traumatised as I was bald and reminded of the whole debacle. Not to mention after a brazillian wax when you pee it sprays everywhere… Let me tell you, I haven’t waxed since. I’m now a dedicated shaver. I shave everything nice and neat and that’s the way it’s gonna stay. Maybe I should have gotten up. Maybe I should have been concerned with the door locking, or the fact that I was in an operating room. Maybe the call for Renee should have been a sign. Amazing what a few shots of tequila can do to one’s judgement isn’t it?



Korean Skin Care; 10 Steps to Insanity

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Do you all know about ‘K-Beauty’? Korean skin care? It’s all the rage for fashionistas and street style bloggers. It’s a mere 10 steps. Yup 10 steps to have perfect clear poreless skin. Now tell me who the fuck would actually take the time for a 10 step skin care regime? I say taking my makeup off before bed is a total victory. Even that isn’t always a slam dunk. Walked around Saturday morning with 2 individual false eyelashes pointing outward at an un-natural angle, while the repairman worked on my dishwasher. Lucky him.

So they say 10 steps, let’s examine shall we?

Step 1 – Oil Cleanser. This is sort of a ‘pre cleanser’. It takes off make up, BUT, not mascara and heavy eyeliner. Let’s call that step .5, because you wanna do that first. This is simply meant to take the top layer of shit on your face.

Step 2- Foam Cleanser.  This is to deep clean the pores with some sort of foamy effervescence. Yes your face should tingle and bubble if you are to clean you pores properly.photodune-1898649-beautiful-woman-applying-natural-homemade-facial-mask-l-e1393024482488

Step 3 – Exfoliate. Now please understand that this is an exfoliator tool, not another cleanser. The ones the Korean’s like to use are these little finger condoms. They fit over your finger and are meant to dislodge any stuff the first two steps of cleansing didn’t get off your pollution ridden face.e0249c029ed083d5384791841ed9e52c
Step – 4 Toner. You skin is now wiped clean of anything but bare and raw cells and it must quickly be soothed! Toner is soothing and will put back some of the essential oil and shit you just scrubbed off in steps 1-3.

Step 5- Essence. This is my favorite step. Because, yes you need to put essence of whatever on your skin. There are a million to choose from. Example: Organic Lilac to soothe your senses while you are halfway through your 2.5 hour long skin care routine. Very important to have the right frame of mind while achieving good skin.k3

Step 6 – Serums. Now I am a big serum fan in that it targets pigmentation, or redness, or hungover skin. Which I have…all the time. The Koreans suggest you use a serum with ampoules and/or boosters in it. I have no idea what the hell that means other than it’s a layer of stuff to use before step number 7.

Step 7 – Masks. Have you seen these sheet masks? Do you know about these? You can get all kinds, for any skin care need. Even ones that make you look like a panda while you are wearing it! Because thats important in skin care. Slap one on and wait…..

looks comfy right?

looks comfy right?

Step 8 – Eye Cream. If you are gonna go through this whole damn process don’t skimp on the eye cream. The skin around your eyes is thin, thin, thin, and all the make up you put on puuulllls on it, making it wrinkly. You can use eye cream or get botox which freezes the wrinkles. No shame in my game, I go with the botox.

Step 9 – Face Cream.  This step is you basic moisturizer. The Koreans say use a light one for day time, and a heavier for night time. After you have stripped the shit out of your skin, and refilled it with all this stuff, you use the cream to seal it all in. You are in the home stretch now people!regular-toning-cleansing-and-moisturizing

Step 10 – SPF. No, no, no, a cream with SPF in it is not sufficient. There are SPF products that are meant to go on over all your stuff that block out the sun’s evil rays.

There you have it a simple 10 step routine to get the perfect Instagram filtered skin you keep telling your social media followers you have.  I’m sure you all can find time for this in your daily lives no problem right? Right….



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