Scrimp or Splurge

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What to scrimp on, and what to splurge on. An eternal question for shoppers. If you are over 40yrs old, there comes a point that buying everything discount makes you look schlumpy. You have to have a few pieces in your wardrobe that look classic and will stand the test of time. There comes a time in every adult woman’s life where it’s time to save some money on some stuff, and then shell out a few bucks on a few items that will last.

1. T shirts  are a scrimp. White t-shirts are a dime a dozen and they get ruined in the wash anyway no matter how careful you are. Like how a certain one fits or the drape of the fabric? Buy 5 of them. Good examples…Old Navy, Lands End, and Target, all less that $20. 2a90215f5b86099757705f4d52d8a7ea

2. Denim is a splurge. Buying jeans that fit you well, will always be a good investment. Jeans are here to stay as a fashion staple that can be worn on the weekend, on a date night, or to the office as long as you are accessorized correctly. Great stores to buy quality denim….Nordstrom, Torrid, and Madewell. All three stores cover size ranges, styles, and price points. Look for words like ‘premium’ as it provides a better quality denim.hanging-jeans

3. Bras are a splurge. Can you get cheap bras at any discount store? Absolutely. But as I’ve said in many a blog,  (Got Boobs?), you need only 3 bras in your life. Nude, black, and pretty. All the others are just gravy. Wash them on the gentle cycle and hang to dry, and a good bra will fit well for years! Go get yourself fitted at Lady Grace, Nordstrom, or Soma and invest people! Gravity is not our friend, and we need all the help we can get holding these babies up. And if you are small chested, you are NOT off the hook. A good bra will KEEP them where they are. Yes, you too dear will droop someday.bra drawer

4. Gym clothes are a scrimp. I don’t mean your ‘athlesure’ wear. I mean the actual stuff you sweat in. Is it really important to have a $120 sports bra from Lululemon? Those leggings are being stretched, sweated on, and washed constantly. Don’t waste your money.

Young Woman Jogging on Boardwalk Santa Monica Beach

5. Black pants are a splurge. Find a pair of black dress pants with a straight-ish leg, no pleats, and that hit just at the floor at the back of your foot. Not skinny pants, and not boot cut, dear lord step away from The Limited please! Get a straight cut classic pair of trousers. They will always flatter, always dress you “right” for the occasion, and allow you to you mix up tops and your accessories.  And, most heel heights will work with them. Have them dry cleaned and hang them well, as NOT on a metal hanger. Try any store that sells upscale clothing like Nordstrom, Bloomies, or a local boutique. Try and avoid mass produced stuff from Ann Taylor, The Limited, or any mid range department store. They are generally not great quality and won’t hold their shape or color over time.7th-avenue-bootcut-pant-double-stretch-average_04772889_006

6. A black blazer is a splurge. It can go with your jeans, or with the afore mentioned pants. It should be square cut on the edges, so the rounded edge one in your closet from 1999 doesn’t count. A single breasted, 2 button, hip length blazer is a staple. Again any higher end department store will carry it in a full size range and at multiple price points. 2016-new-design-font-b-black-b-font-luxury-font-b-blazer-b-font-office-font

7. Cardigan sweaters are a scrimp. It’s a classic yes, but here is why you should scrimp. The cardigan is a layering piece. It becomes the item that goes on and off. It hangs over the back of your office chair. It gets sat on in the car because you lay it in the backseat and a kid sits on it, or the dog jumps on it. It gets left behind as Susie Q’s after a few wines and next thing you know it’s crumpled and rumpled with some weird stain on it. Go to Old Navy,  or any department store and get one for $25. Get three for that price and in a few colors too.o-mofo-de-cada-um-de-nos.html

8.Neutral pumps. Now either black or brown are best. Those colors go with anything. There is nothing worse than a great outfit with a pair of heels where the actual heel leather is peeling back like a banana. Or when the front is so scuffed its a different color from the rest of the shoe. What the hell are you doing anyway, kicking the seat in front of you at work? Anyway, a neutral mid level pump is worth the money. Never goes out of style and will say in good condition if you store them in the original box.womens-pumps-20120412482

9.Neutral flats. Same rules apply as with the pumps. Scuffs and such are not acceptable. Buy a nice tailored looking pair of flats and you are good to go for any occasion.4ANNIEL2

10. Last but not least a good tote style bag. A square, neutral colored bag. Think black brown or grey. It can be used as a work bag, a travel bag, or an everyday bag. Forget the hobo bag that adds to your schlumpy look and takes you 25 minutes to dig your keys out of. Basics last forever.knomo-lead_600x400

What’s your go to staple item worth a splurge?






Little Here and a Little There

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Let’s talk injectables shall we? They are so common place these days that you ALMOST can’t tell who has them and who hasn’t. Gone are the days of the too tight facelift and weird looking skin of the 80″s. Injectables can be your friend ladies. Its not all smoke and mirrors if you are armed with the facts and a good practitioner. Let’s talk fact and fiction…..

1. FICTION: Getting injected will make you look like you’ve had “work” done.
It’s not what you have had shot into your face, it’s how it gets in there. The overly taut, terrifyingly smooth foreheads of Hollywood starlets or bizarrely large duck lips of reality housewives are examples of excess. They are the exception to the rule. Look at the lady in front of you at the market. Look close. Betcha she had a lil of this and a lil’ of that. Injectables like Botox, and Fillers can help you maintain your natural appearance. It’s about rejuvenating your looks, not making you look different. Find an injector who is experienced and understands anatomy and the natural proportions of the face, and no one has to know that you’ve gone under the needle.5872b431fb1eaf9adb25783f6e436f7a

2. FACT: Injectables can have a preventative effect.
There is, in fact, some truth to the idea that injections work at preventing wrinkles. Botox/Dysport work by paralyzing the muscle, so you’re preventing the muscle from moving,   which means no chance at it becoming a permanent line. It masks the existing lines, and prevents new ones from showing up. Hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvadem, Voluma etc, also have proven long-term, anti-aging benefits. A study proved they can create collagen production. FYI – collagen is what you lose as you get older, and makes your face sag. – So for those deep wrinkles, like between your eyes, this stuff will fill them in so you can’t see them, and help boost production of the stuff that creates them in the first place. So basically if you are looking for anti aging help, a little botox and filler go a long way.anti-aging-622x259

3. FICTION: There’s a set amount of time that each injectable lasts.
Injectables have a life span that is unique to each person. So if a practitioner tells you “will last 8 months guaranteed!” They lie.  Botox can last anywhere from 3-9 months. As you do it more regularly your face loses the muscle memory, and the longer you can go between visits. Fillers can last up to a year, or as little as 6 months. Many factors affect the longevity of the results, including which product is used and where it’s injected in the face. Watch your own face. If those lines you were focused on getting rid of are creeping back, it’s time to go in. And its better to go in more frequently for subtle tweaks, rather than going for an overhaul which can look overdone. 12587456-lip-enhancement-treatment-closeup-of-a-hypodermic-needle-being-using-to-inject-the-upper-lip-in-an-e images

4. FACT: These products are safe.
I get it, injecting your face with something can be unnerving. But Botox has been used cosmetically for almost three decades. “You are more likley to have a reaction to something unregulated from a natural food store, where you buy some vitamin which hasn’t been tested on anything. Talk to the injector, are you someone who has a ton of allergies? Then ASK for god sake. Just like you would for any other injection or medicine anywhere.  Not only is it essential to only go to reputable and well-trained practitioners, dermatologists and plastic surgeons who are using the actual, FDA-approved products. Do some research. Just because your regular doctor went to a class and offers injectables, doesn’t mean they do a good job or use the best products available. To my point….

5. FACT: You get what you pay for.
Now is not the time to bargain-shop. While many factors affect costs, at the end of the day, there’s no denying that these products are expensive. Do not use a Groupon for this!  Discounts mean the injector isn’t making any money off of this. The prices of these products are fixed, they don’t go on sale like your shoes. So if they aren’t making money, rather they are using your face to practice on and build a practice. Ever hear of discount antibiotics? Or a sale on a mammogram?  Be ready to pay for quality, end of story.1318965515-botox

So if you want an improvement, and want to spend a few bucks, go for it. You won’t walk out with duck lips and a freaky face if you do your research and start slow. I for one plan to fight this aging bullshit with everything I can. Oh yes, the other question…Does it hurt? Yes, it hurts. No pain no gain.





Fancy Pants

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You wanna look all fancy and fabulous on a frugal budget? You know I never ever pay full price. You don’t have to I swear! Take a few of these tips and incorporate them into your wardrobe and I promise you can elevate an everyday look into something a bit more fancy looking.

  1. Neutrals. Pair neutrals with other neutrals. Don’t be afraid to wear camel, beige, tan, and brown TOGETHER. No one buys high end expensive clothes in banana yellow. Just ask Mirada Priestly about cerulean blue right? Bright colors are FIIIINE. Just pair them with some classic neutrals and you go from discount bin to Bloomies in an instant.neutral-outfits-2

2. Tailored pieces. Add a classic tailored blazer to an otherwise trendy outfit. Wear a basic a square shaped purse vs. a slouchy hobo. A white button down and blazer with ripped jeans and flats is perfection. Anything simple and tailored will do. Instant upgrade.462956618620ed11bbbb6b48eb7861ed

3. Head to toe black or white. A monochromatic outfit makes everything look sleek and streamlined. It adds a touch of elegance to an otherwise basic outfit.minmal

4.Shine your shoes. I have spoken many many times about the importance of a good cobbler. If that’s not on your to do list, fine. But, add getting some shoe polish and a cloth on there. If your shoes look polished, so do you. m_55260a145c12f852040066c9

5.Play with a coat. Running to brunch in a tee, skinnies, and flats? Throw a trench over your shoulders. Or a wrap around yourself. Just a simple ‘over-layer’ can make any outfit look more put together. be7aefa1e995f4189eb4aa67909a5189

Whatever you do, puhleese, do not wear head to toe designer labels. It screams ‘look at me I’m pretentious and rich.’ When you should be going for classy and sophisticated. Little things make an outfit appear fancier and you more put together. Carry On…..




In The Name Of Research

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I’m Back! Did you miss me? I know, it may seem that I have ben slacking. However I have spent the last 6 weeks doing research. Research on products and things I think are just GREAT! (Did I sound like Oprah there?) I have been traveling, and busy with all things summer. But, I did make a point of trying new products left and right so I could pass along to you dear reader, some good stuff to spend your hard earned money on.

1.Suncscreen. I am a big advocate since I also spent part of my summer having stuff cut off my face at the dermatologist. Damn you 1980’s ban De Soleil tan. I found two that worked well here in the Northeast, but also on a trip to the Caribbean that I took all in the name of research!  And trying to meet Kenny Chesney, which I did, and he wasn’t even nice. Never mind…..

For the face – LA ROACHE -POSAY ANTHELION 60. This stuff was great. I got several hours out of it and no burn. It’s water resistant and has something called cell-ox shield. No clue what that is, but it did the trick even when I was super sweaty from the heat. You can buy it at CVS. Now before you lose your mind over the $29.99 price tag, know that it’s super light and didn’t make me break out.88314001299

For the body – ANDRE LARENT ULTRA SPORT SUNSCREEN. This stuff has 10% zinc oxide in it which means it goes on pretty white and you really have to rub it in. I was in and out of the water non-stop and this stuff was amazing. Again, even as I was sweating, (ask my friends, I’m always sweating), this stuff stayed on and I only needed to reapply once. I got this on AMAZON for $24.95.81aevcjdp3l-_sx522_

Yes I spent $50 bucks on sunscreen. But I came a way with a little summer glow and no sun damage. Given what the skin spa is charging me for lasers, peels, and other zapping tools I figure its worth it in the long run.

2. Number 2 is an old fashioned body oil. In my mind there is nothing worse than getting out of the shower on a hot sticky day, drying off, and starting to slather lotion on. Just thinking about that makes me sweaty ( see, sweaty girl over here). I bought some fancy bath oil from one of the hotel shops, used it in the shower after washing, and rinsed. I got out of the shower patted myself dry and viola! I was moisturized sans sweat! For me this is a fucking miracle. The bottle I bought from the hotel was crazy expensive. I was day drinking and shopping, bad idea. However I thought back to an oldie but goodie! NEUTROGENA BODY OIL!  You can get it at amazon or CVS or wherever. I tried it  or $12.95 and am a soft, smooth, and non sweaty gal!unknown

3. Number 3 is the world’s best dry shampoo. I for one love dry shampoo. I can milk a blow out for 2 days and  that means two less sweaty days for me. Ladies I have discovered the holy grail of dry shampoo. I can go into a 4th day without a wash and blow dry and still have good hair. LIVING PROOF PERFECT HAIR DAY DRY SHAMPOO is everything. I got it at ULTA for $22. Anywhere that carries the Living Proof line will have it. But call ahead, they can’t keep it in stock! I don’t know about you but I’ll pay $22 bucks for something that lets me avoid a sweaty blow dry session. unknown

4. My 4th item to share is a kind of skin ‘cream”. Now let me say that my summer find is not your usual skin cream. EGYPTIAN MAGIC is  more of a balm but you can use it for anything. I keep the tub next to the bed and put it on my lips at night. You can use to soften cuctcles. That zit you just HAD to try and pop? Use it to soothe the skin over night and come morning the wound you created magically shrunk. You can use it on dry heels, elbows and knees. The tub is big and will last you till 2035. You only need a tiny bit at a time. Back to Amazon you go, but watch out for fakes there! You can go straight to their site and grab it there too! And this one is a bargain at $29.95 since I promise you it will last FOREVERRRRR4-oz_300dpi-no-bg
5. My 5th and final summer product must have is, MASCARA MELT OFF by Too Faced cosmetics. Why no one ever did this before I will never know. It looks like a mascara. but it’s an oil based product that breaks down even waterproof mascara! You swipe it on let it sit while you get rid of the rest of your make up and simply wipe off. No more tugging, pulling, rubbing, or otherwise oily messy removal. As I am a mascara whore, this is my holy grail. On your next trip to Sephora pick up a tube of this stuff for $17.00. Well worth it!s1809201-main-lhero

So there you go, all my hard work this summer researching, just for you. I know, not my cheapest reccs ever, but some of my best. I always say its worth investing a little extra in something that works. Besides, aren’t you worth it?


How Many F**ks….

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Yes I said it. Right there in the title. Now that I’m ‘middle aged’ or ’40 plus’, or whatever you want to call me there are a few (many) things I no longer give a shit about. Let me tell you it’s so liberating. Clearly one of them is my potty mouth. Yes, I swear like a truck driver and I don’t care if you don’t like it. I made a list of the top 5 things I no longer care about. Do you agree?

  1. Going out on Friday and Saturday night is no longer an issue. There was a time when I worried I was, wasting the best years of my life, or missing out somehow on all this fun stuff.  Now that I’m older, pajamas and a book, or binge watching TV sound perfect to me on Saturday night.  Lemme just tell you that Netflix and Chill means something VERY different to me than the millennial crowd. 980x
  2. Trends. Might seem strange coming from a style blogger. But I don’t really care that platform sneakers are back thanks to Kendall Jenner. I’m not wearing them. I am old and I would look stupid. Are there some trends I like? Absolutely. Will I adopt some. You bet. But the thing is, I don’t care if I don’t. See? See how that works?
  3. The fact that I am the only person on the planet that doesn’t watch Game of Thrones, or The walking Dead, or The Bachelorette. There was a time where every Friday night was devoted to Dallas and Dynasty. I could chat at the water cooler with the best of them come Monday morning regarding Joan collins and Lynda Evans and their shoulder pads. Now? Don’t care. next topic…b539eb9b-44b5-445a-8aae-63858232e48d
  4. Spending time with people I don’t like. I gotta be honest, this albatross off my neck is such a relief. Life is too short to make small talk with someone i don’t ike and whom I’m pretty sure doesn’t like me. Let’s just agree to move along shall we?
  5. My music. You better believe that I have my hair bands playing at a ridiculous decibel as I drive through town. I am Vouging in my car to Madonna like no one’s watching. Guess what? That’s because no one is watching. And if they are… you know you want my moves.giphy

Damn there are so many other things i no longer give a shit about! Put comfort before style. Walking around without make up, eh who cares?! What about you? What’s on your list?




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