Time to Grow Up

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It’s time. It is time to step up to the plate and acknowledge your skin care and beauty routine realities. Sure, I love to fall down the rabbit hole online and find a million amazing products, miracles of makeup, and regimens that only involve “15 easy steps”. Let’s get real, we are 40 plus and we need to do a few simple things to maintain our fabulousness as we navigate this whole grown up thing.

  1. Wash your face. Take your makeup off. Get into a cleansing routine and stick with it. Products are great but, it you don’t start with the basics, it’s all a waste of time and money. A simple cleansing routine is the foundation of any anti-aging, dark spot fading, wrinkle reducing plan.getty_rf_photo_of_woman_with_cleanser_on_face
  2. Find the perfect shade of lipstick. Everyone needs to put on a little lipstick now and again. No, not your go to Burt’s Bees colored gloss that lives at the bottom of your purse. A real, grown up lipstick. Go to a make up counter, ask a girl behind the counter to help you. Find it and buy it. Put it in your makeup stash and be ready to use it.elizabeth-taylor-quote-shelikesflowers-e0Swhp-quote
  3. Learn how to give yourself a good blow out. I am all for the air dry, and the quasi- blow out when you are busy. But, take some time at your next appointment and LEARN. Ask questions, practice. Be able to make you hair fabulous if you need to.
  4. Find a good facialist and stay true to her. Commit to extra skin care beyond your daily routine at least 4 times per year. I’m not saying you need expensive lasers, botox and fillers if you aren’t interested. Find someone who can deep clean your skin and help you navigate as it changes. It’s good for the skin and good for the psyche.mainskincare_600x450_1389259284_540x540
  5. Do something about your brows. Pluck them, wax them, thread them, or microblade them. Do them yourself, or have someone do them for you. But neaten that shit up please. Those fuzzy caterpillars above your eyes frame your whole face. And remember it’s not 1996 so pencil thin brows are a no.

    02/02/2006 - Pamela Anderson - Celebrities Out and About in Manhattan - Downtown NYC - New York, NY - Keywords: - Photo Credit: Janet Mayer / Photorazzi - Contact (1-866-551-7827)

    Sorry Pam….Just NO.

  6. Back to the hair. Get it cut and styled regularly. If you are a high maintenance hairstyle girl, this goes double for you.  Getting a trim every 6-8 weeks will keep your hair healthy and won’t break the bank.ผมแห้ง-vs-หน้าใส-เกี่ยวกันยังไง-มาดู
  7. Sunscreen, For the love of God use sunscreen, Every. Single. Day. Choose products that have it already in there. That “Ban De Soliel Tan” is not the look you should be going for. I know I loved it too, but those days are over. Just ask your dermatologist.6a00d83451ccbc69e201a3fcc92445970b
  8. Stick to what works. Sure it’s ok to look for a new lipstick or eye liner. But know your skin, and what looks best. When you find it stick with it. You know when you look good and when you don’t. Experiment for fun, and glam up for special occasions. But always fall back on the basics.

We are grown ass women and the best part of that is we know what works and what doesn’t. We know what we like and don’t like.  Every new fad isn’t necessarily for us, it’s for the young girls who don’t have a clue. God bless them and their hairless nipples.



Packing Overload.

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ITS SUMMERTIME! It’s time for road trips, and carefree weekend getaways! Beach vacations and pool destinations! Look at you all slammed up in heels and a kaftan! Ok, so maybe it’s really time to pack up the kids, wipe slobber off with you’re clothing, wash sticky ice-cream off your hands with spit, and you’re dressed in shorts that are riding up in the middle and a tee from 1975…… Most people do some traveling during the summer. And that means packing. Raise your hand if you are an ‘over-packer’. MEEE! Although, I’m getting better. Airlines are charging for bags, the car isn’t big enough for the kids shit and yours. Minimalist packing is a great idea. Try these items on for size.

1. A simple basic clutch bag. You can slip this into your bigger carry on bag that has all your important essentials in it, and you can grab and go with no fuss when you head out for  drinks or dinner. And BTW – please do not bring your entire wallet away with you. I promise that receipt from Bed Bath and Beyond you have stuffed in there in case you want to return the sheets you bought, will not be needed on this trip. #swearChic-Clutch

2. A well fitted white tee. A good white tee that’s not stained or sloppy looking can be worn to run around all day with shorts and flip flops. And then, can easily be paired with a maxi skirt and sandals for heading out after a day at the beach.Madewell

3.Oversized jean jacket. This is an indispensable item.  If you don’t own one, get one. You won’t regret it. You can throw it on over ANYTHING. It will go with daytime clothes and anything you put together for nighttime wear. Now please, do not go into your closet and dig out the cropped fitted one you have been holding onto since the summer of 89′. Get a medium wash, boxy fit, it will last forever.Oversize-Jean-Jacket

4.Wedges. No need for stilettos on the go. A pair of espadrille style wedges, or any wedge heel, with take you from day to night with no problem. Dress them up or down and are soooooo easy to walk in. Lord knows the place you decide to go to eat dinner is probably too close to drive to, but not really walkable in heels without injury. Plus you just know it’s gonna be some kind of charming cobblestone street which is a recipe for Louboutin disaster.Easy-Wedges

5.That Maxi dress I mentioned? Find a soft breezy fabric that won’t wrinkle. Ball it up and wear it to the beach as a cover up, or out for cocktails. Simply change up your shoes and accessories. Easy peasy.Danielle-Bux

6. A long sleeved light cotton Tee. You can throw this on if it gets chilly at night, or if the AC is cranked up. Go with a solid color so it will match whatever you have on the bottom.3551302_fpx.tif

7. A classic white button down or denim chambray shirt. Can go with shorts, cropped pants, sneakers, or sandals. You can use it to cover up at the pool or beach, and is always in style. Tie it at the waist if you are feeling frumpalicious.61snk1XhhoL._UY500_

8. A  pair of sandals. Something casual yet functional and streamlined. This isn’t the time for your funky shoes. Leave those at home. I know, you imagined yourself walking along in the new shoes you had to have. You won’t be sauntering. You will be running, sweating and chasing little people. Make it easy on yourself.Travel-Ready-Sandals

9. A linen scarf. Wanna know what makes ‘those’ women look effortlessly stylish? A light weight neutral color scarf. Throw it on with that white tee and a pair of crops or skinnies and viola. You too can look like a french gal on the riviera!Light-Scarf

10. Last but not least a pair of skinny pants or jeans. You favorite, most comfortable pair will take you from day to night. Wear them with sandals and a tee durning the day for sightseeing. Throw your wedges and a scarf with big earrings for night. BAM. you are now that woman. #StylishBitchYour-Favorite-Skinny-Jeans

Let’s be honest, vacation is not the time to stress over what you are wearing. I promise you Martha from whereeverville isn’t wondering why you don’t have on stilettos, and mocking your simple flats. She’s sweating and her feet hurt because she didn’t read my blog and packed all the wrong things! Happy Travels!



What’s Old Is New Again

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So everything 90’s is new again. Not sure how I feel about this. The 90’s had some really bad fashion trends. Now I rocked that Janet Jackson, metal hardware baseball hat like no one’s business, let’s be clear. But, it was retired to the fashion graveyard along with my MC Hammer pants. Let’s take a look at todays version of 90’s trends and discuss……

CROP TOPS – Thank you Miss Kelly Kapowski. She and Jessie Spanno cropped their way through their days at The Max eating burgers and fighting over Zack and Slater. Today’s crop looks a bit different. It’s a bit loser, it’s a bit less exaggerated, and more sophisticated. With a high waisted pencil skirt, jeans or a skinny pant, it looks so pretty! If you feel good about your middle, then this is a great look.Parisian-Chic-Street-Style-Dress-Like-A-French-Woman-27

LOGO TEES – “Relax don’t do it”…Yes, I just quoted Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Yes, I had one of these tee shirts, and no I didn’t really know what it meant back then. It was quite the statement I made with my acid washed self. Nowadays a graphic tee is less about a statement, and more about an overall look. Mixed with a skirt, or heels, or with with boyfriend jeans, it’s edgy but soft at the same time. I love the idea of a fancy designer logo tee with boyfriend jeans and black lace up pumps or flats10575884_hi

OVERALLS – Truth be told, if you are over 30, this is tough to pull off. It really requires a crop top or bandeau underneath. Something to offset the bagginess of them. Like TLC and their look form way back – holy baggy. They can’t chase waterfalls in those without drowning. And for Vouge’s sake please don’t pull the whole bib up. 1 hook down or both hooks down please. Otherwise you still might look sorta, well, blobby. Who wants to look blobby? I just made up a word. I like it, I’m using it.8e037fbd31fe233b8fe648e5e8854aaf

FLORAL SLIP DRESSES – This one I’m happy about. Its fun, flirty, feminine, and very flattering to all body types. Back in the day, think 90210 – Donna, Brenda and Kelly loved them! Well, let’s just thank the TV gods Donna Martin graduated shall we, because today’s slip dresses are sophisticated and more structured, perfect for the office or for a brunch. Dress it up with pumps, dress it down with wedges or sandals. Boho babe? Ankle booties in a light color are perfect.floral-dress-9-e1437590666280

CHOKERS and BOMBER JACKETS. God help us but T-Swizzle and Kylie Jenner are bringing back Britney spears circa 1997. Chokers are everywhere. I’m gonna say if you are over 40 don’t do it. We aren’t exactly taught in that area, i don’t care how thin you are. Unless it has diamonds, skip this one. And bomber jackets, well they can be cute paired with jeans and a tee, but be careful, you don’t want to be dressed like your daughter.


LITTLE WHITE SNEAKERS – this was initially a fashion girl in the streets trend, and at first reminded me of my days of scrunchy socks. But a pair of converse Chuck Taylors, Adidas Stan Smiths, can be very cute with jeans, denim shorts, or even a simple summer dress. 90cea87eb34906da0ae909edfc0bb0ba

There has been some resurfacing of acid washed, high waisted short shorts, cute if you have a long lean adolescent figure. If you are 35+ you will look like you dug them out of your closet, from way in the back, where the taffeta lives. What’s old is new again, yes, but remember, there is a new modern edge to it. Focus on fit, and flatter your body with today’s trends. If it doesn’t make you feel good when you put it on, then pass it by. Trends come and go, but you and your beautiful self are forever.


Gotta Have Style

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Do you know who Iris Apfel is? Follow that link to see what this bitch is all about. I say bitch with the utmost respect and love. She’s 94 years old, and has such style! I don’t mean ‘follow every damn trend for every season’ style. I mean she has STYLE. She lives by fashion ‘rules’ or commandments if you will that make her who she is, and she is simply beautiful. here are a few of her style rules worth listening to.



  1. If you love it buy it. If it speaks to you, if it jumps off a shelf and begs to be in your basket, buy it. You know deep down when something is simply perfect for you. Listen to your heart not fashion magazines and your best friend telling you its weird.
  2. Save the meaningful pieces forever. Have a beautiful leather skirt? The perfect White blouse? Save it, cherish it, and take care of it. Those types of things never go out of style. Pair that skirt with a white tee for a modern look. That blue cashmere sweater you ave had since forever, pair it with ripped jeans and pumps to freshen it up. That perfectly tailored white button down? Change up your accessories and you will look like a million bucks. See what I mean?perfect-fashion-designs-with-fashion-style-blogger-with-le-fashion-blog-street-style-camel-cape-tan-poncho-white-button-up
  3. Express yourself. If you love it, you will be confident when you wear it. And confidence is a woman’s best accessory. You adore those aqua flats? Wear them and wear ’em proud. If you are confident you will ooze style from within.
  4. Be true to you. If you hate heels, don’t buy them. Nothing worse than a woman wearing too high of a heel and walking around like a wounded baby calf. I’m totally guilty of this. I had to have ’em, 4.5″ heels. What a disaster. 3″ is my limit and thats ok!
  5. Rely on your signature style. I have a friend who wouldn’t be caught dead without her lipstick on. Her bright pink lipstick. It’s her thing, she rocks it, and she’s as confident as anyone I know. I have my bracelets. I always have a stack of bracelets. I’ve been doing tis since I was like, 20. It’s my thing and it makes me happy.

Point Iris, (and I) are making is to be yourself. Be true to you, and that’s what gives you style. Confidence comes from deep within and when you got it, everyone can see it. Look at the glasses Iris wears. With red lipstick. She’s 94, and her style, she not only owns it, she rocks it! Thanks Iris for your 94 years of wisdom.



Becky Who

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Unless you were under a rock last week, or, you have zero interest in the world of pop culture, you have heard of the side chick, ‘Becky with the good hair’. Now in case you were partaking in a social media ban let’s review. Beyonce’ dropped a new album, Lemonade, and there are about a million not so subtle references to her husband Jay Z cheating on her and her ultimately forgiving him. Lots of peeps are talking about how it’s a female empowerment message. Others feel it’s a sad commentary on how a woman is so insecure all she can do is live with betrayal and stay with a cheating husband. Some are devoting 50hours a week into figuring out just who Becky is.giphy

This is not a new story in our culture. However, what really got me thinking, was the vicious vitriol spit at fashion designer Rachel Roy.  There has been wide speculation that she is Becky. I mean maybe she is, she does have good hair. It’s also been said that she was the reason Beyonce’s sister Solange attacked Jay Z in an elevator while Queen Bey stood there and watched about a year ago. Click here if you want to see lil sister go OFF. Commence attack on Rachel Roy by the BeyHive. There has never been so many uses of the bee emoji on social media, ever. People went nuts calling this woman every name in the book. Slamming her as a home wrecker, a slut, a this and a that. She eventually came out with a statement denying she was “Becky”. And asking people to stop threatening her life, and the life of her children.

So here’s my thing. Let’s, for arguments sake, say Rachel did have a fling with the married Jay Z. Why is all the anger directed at her? Why is there no social media storm about how Jay is an asshat? He’s the one whom is married in this equation. He is the one whom took the vows. He is the one who betrayed their commitment. He is the one who snuck around behind Bey’s back. I struggle with this, and I know this may not be my most popular blog or opinion. That’s ok, we should discuss this stuff. As women we have always blamed the “other woman”. Maybe even subconsciously decided to forgive the married man. Haven’t we on some level been infused with the idea….Man cheats, Man sweeps wife off her feet and begs for forgiveness. Man and woman ride off into the sunset never to speak of that douchebag whore ever again? In my opinion, and its just my opinion, it’s between the couple to decide what works for them. Maybe they can work through it. Maybe she turns a blind eye and is ok with  his cheating so as to keep the rest of her life intact. We don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. No one really knows expect the two whom live in the marriage. I believe marriage is between two people, and if one decided to stray, the other woman, while not guiltless, is not the responsible party within the marriage. She is responsible for her own choices.RR-Color-Head-Shot

Is Becky, whomever she is, a bit shady? Absolutely!  Does she really owe respect to the marriage she’s not a part of? I don’t have the answer. Becky with the good hair could be anyone. A man may lie about the status of his marriage and the woman falls for him believing the lies. It’s complicated, and opinions vary widely, I totally get that some of you are reading this thinking I have no respect for the institute of marriage. I absolutely do. However, I don’t think the blame sits squarely on Becky’s shoulders and we as a culture seem to forget that.

Honestly none of us knows anything for sure except that J and Bey made $400,000,000 in a single weekend. Got everyone listening to her new music and kicked off her world tour. We also scared this shit out of Rachel Roy, blew up social media with some serious evil, all while he counts his money and still has his wife by his side. Interesting…..


Think about it and comment on it!


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